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IWA 2018. Fällkniven Sweden.

Небольшая компания Fällkniven давно завоевала сердца найфоманов.

Годом основания считается 1984. Вначале они делали ножи для себя, потом и для других, открыв семейный бизнес.

Их трёхслойная сталь, модели F1, S1 настолько часто упоминаются, что повторяться не вижу смысла.
А вот новинки с выставки в Нюрнберге я вам покажу :) Да и не только новинки.

Новинок было две: MB (Modern Bowie) и GPs (Stag).

MB (Modern Bowie):

New cutlass, a Modern Bowie. It’s about the world’s strongest, sharpest, safest bowie with a very powerful blade in our famous laminated cobalt steel.
The knife comes with a very well-dressed sheath in black leather and in an execution that makes it fit well on the belt whether you’re standing or sitting.
The knife is delivered in a strong, waterproof plastic box with a DC4 whetstone included.

GPs (Stag)

It’s crazy beautiful about real stag for handle material, but it’s also very hard to get enough many nice looking pieces, which also are legitimate to buy and manufacture. This staghorn comes from a legal source of Sambar deer stag. Staghorn, as everyone knows, is a natural material that moves – it shrinks and swells due to humidity. In addition, when horn ages, it shrinks slightly, and there is not much to do anything about it. This means that small stress cracks around bolts and ends are already visible on the folding knives or will occur later on. This is not covered by any guarantee! This means that you can always return a knife and request the money back (for the knife) but it cannot be warranty repaired or replaced by another sample. Or as they state on an auction – sold in the existing condition!

A1 Pro series

F1 Pro series
A professional survival knife must perform in all weather with no exceptions. The professional survival knife must be comfortable and safe to handle for both fine and rough work in summer heat and winter cold. We at Fallkniven have considered every design aspect of these superb professional survival knifes and we stand behind them with a lifetime warranty on materials and workmanship.
Compared to their predecessors, the Pro series of F1, S1 and A1 differs in the following important areas:
1. The original laminated VG10 steel is upgraded to a laminate cobalt steel (lam. CoS) blade that ensures a durable edge and improved edge retention.
2. The blades are thicker increasing the torsional rigidity so the knives will withstand even greater external forces.
3. The full-length tapered tang is wider and thicker and therefore significantly stronger.
4. The crossguard is now made of stainless steel and permanently welded to the tang.
5. The convex blade edge has been refined to improve its cutting properties.
6. The zytel sheaths are redesigned, more durable, and better suited for the Molle attachment system.
7. The Pro Series knives are supplied with our most popular combination DC4 whetstone. The DC4 offers a diamond whetstone on one side, and a ceramic stone for field sharpening on the other side .
8. Each Pro Series knife is packaged in a shock-resistant, waterproof box that can be used for storage of smart phones, GPS, documents, survival gear and much more.

to be continued
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