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IWA 2018. Česká zbrojovka. Part I.

Это только начало. Продолжение следует.

CZ в этот раз проводили большую пресс-конференцию. Здесь - обзорно информация о том, что презентовали и живые фото, включая фото с их стенда.

Посмотрим :)

CZ (Česká zbrojovka a.s., Uherský Brod)
Facts and dates
founded in 1936 as a branch plant of the famous arms factory from Strakonice
independent since 1950
changed to a joint-stock company in 1992
the most important long term Czech manufacturer of firearms, many of which have become legendary around the world (e.g. CZ 75 pistol, ZKK 600 rifle, vz. 58 assault rifle, vz. 61 Skorpion submachine gun)
one of the leading arms manufacturers in the world
one of the most successful Czech exporters
a key strategic partner of domestic and many foreign armed and security forces
focused mainly on weapon production for civilian and service markets, especially with regard to service, defence and sport semi-automatic pistols, hunting and sporting rifles and automatic weapons
high-precision engineering products primarily for the automotive and aerospace industries form an additional program, for which the company holds the relevant certification
production takes place in Uherský Brod, in a factory with excellent facilities, where the quality management system according to ISO 9001: 2008 and NATO requirements are implemented and certified
since 1997, CZ has been represented by its successful subsidiary CZ-USA in the United States
through CZ-USA, the renowned North American brand Dan Wesson also belongs to the CZ family
in the Czech Republic, a subsidiary of CZ is ZBROJOVKA BRNO s.r.o., a direct successor of the famous Brno arms production, traditionally focused on the development and production of break action hunting and sporting weapons
CZ is headed by the President and Chairman of the Board, Ing. Lubomír Kovařík, MBA, the Chief Executive Officer of the Uherský Brod company is Ing. Ladislav Britaňák, MBA
at present, CZ employs approximately 1,900 people
in the last few years, the company has radically modernized its manufacturing facilities and brought a new generation of first-rate weapons to the service and civilian markets (especially the CZ SCORPION EVO 3 A1 submachine gun, CZ 805 BREN and CZ BREN 2 assault rifles, CZ P-07, CZ P-09, CZ P-10 C and CZ Shadow 2 pistols, CZ 455 modular rimfire rifles, CZ 557 rifles etc.)
in 2016, the company produced almost 250,000 weapons
over 80% of arms production is exported, CZ has trade agencies in more than 100 countries around the world


This year during IWA CZ introduce their brand new sniper rifle, the CZ TSR; two more pistol models  the CZ P-10 C OR and the CZ Shadow 2 OR; the third generation of the ever popular rimfire Kadet adapters for CZ pistols; CZ P-09 Kadet;  CZ 75 SP-01 Kadet ;  CZ Shadow 2 Kadet;  CZ 527 Varmint MTR; CZ 557 Lux II.

Optics Ready pistol - the CZ Shadow 2 OR

Two more pistol models from the Uherský Brod company enjoyed a lot of attention from the visitors as well as journalists, the CZ P-10 C OR and the CZ Shadow 2 OR.
The OR stands for Optics Ready, designating model variants whose slides have been modified to allow easy and highly stable attachment of modern miniature collimator sights. For each model, specially designed mounting plates have been machined and covered with an extremely durable surface finish by nitriding.

The slide modification is the result of unique CZ know-how. Thanks to this, the company has managed to perfectly match the shape of the plates with the design of the weapons, thus achieving an exceptionally low position for the collimator sight without compromising the safety and reliability of the weapon.
The main advantages of the CZ Optics Ready pistols include exceptional robustness, strength and durability of the mount, low mount height, easy sighting of the collimator sight even at longer distance, and an option to use raised co-witness mechanical sights in case of any failures of the optics (for the CZ Shadow 2 Optics Ready a special plate with a rear sight is being prepared).

In 2018, CZ has added three more variants of the third generation of the ever popular rimfire Kadet adapters for CZ pistols to their portfolio. It has been a very interesting choice indeed, with one of the models being for the CZ P-09, a polymer SA/DA pistol in standard size.  A similar solution of a rimfire conversion has also been created for the all-steel CZ 75 SP-01 and CZ Shadow 2 models.

The CZ P-09 Kadet is available as a separate conversion as well as a complete and affordable rimfire pistol.  The CZ 75 SP-01 Kadet is offered as a separate adapter only, since the complete rimfire pistol would be prohibitively expensive due to the costs of the steel body manufacture. Perhaps the most surprising addition to the family of CZ rimfire pistol conversions is the CZ Shadow 2 Kadet, which will be sold as a separate adapter only as well. It can be attached to the weapon quickly and easily by any owner of this primarily sports large-calibre pistol.

CZ STR - the new sniper rifle

CZ 527 Varmint MTR, an ingenious light rifle.

This .308 Winchester rifle with a 26” barrel and 1:11 rifling should replace the CZ 750 M1S1 model.

From the very beginning, its design was based on suggestions brought forward by users from the armed forces, it is therefore primarily intended for the military. Apart from other things, it is highly durable and has a guaranteed lifetime of 10 000 rounds, based on testing carried out in extreme conditions.  In addition, it offers high accuracy using standard factory ammunition over long term, achieving excellent results of less than 1 MOA, that is, about 2.91 cm at a distance of 100 m. The bolt is fluted, the trigger mechanism is fully adjustable and the same applies to the stock which can be set to fold to either side.

In the long rifles sector, there are two new models inspired by the popular universal hunting and sports rifle, the CZ 557 Varmint. In the Medium category it is the CZ 557 Varmint Synthetic with an original symmetrical polymer stock and adjustable buttplate, and in the Lite category it is an innovative light rifle, the CZ 527 Varmint MTR.
Moreover, the CZ 557 line has welcomed a new addition, the CZ 557 Lux II., with which CZ responded to the wishes of more conservative customers.   Hence the new rifle has a traditional single set trigger, a safety that allows the user to operate the bolt even when engaged, and a 610 mm long barrel.  The models for 7x64, 8x57 IS and .30-06 Springfield cal. use a 5-round fitted magazine, the .308 Winchester model has a removable 4-round magazine. A 10-round magazine can be purchased separately.
One of the most refined light rifles ever, the legendary CZ 527 “mini mauser”, has a long history that can be traced back to 1948.  It would be hard to find better evidence of the extraordinary qualities of this model.  In 2018, this model series shall undergo an extensive upgrade whose aim is to catch up with the current trends and offer customers the best ever performance and parameters. The upgrade has brought improved accuracy, achieved by a modernization of the manufacture process, aided also by the use of mechanical sights, borrowed from the CZ 557.  More and more CZ 527 models have muzzle threads for the attachment of silencer and other accessories.  What is more, customers will also appreciate the fact that the wooden stocks of the CZ 527 with mechanical sights, the Exclusive Ebony Edition and the new CZ 527 MTR are now oiled rather than lacquered.  The reason for this is not just a more elegant look and perfect impregnation but also easier repairs of scratches and dents.

Plus - CZ booth :

to ne continued!
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