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IWA 2018. Boris Manasherov. Böker.

Краткое лирическое отступление на русском :)

Сегодня я предлагаю посмотреть на некоторые из ножей, которые были представлены во время проведения выставки IWA OutdoorClassics в Нюрнберге на стенде компании Böker.

Объединяет их одно, главное, автор - Boris Manasherov.

Знаете, бывает заходишь на стенд к Zero Tolerance, Kershaw, CRKT и сразу отмечаешь : о, ножи Кена Ониона.

С Борисом это работает аналогично. Заходишь на стенд Fox, Boker, Viper и с улыбкой "сортируешь мысленно" : это ножи Бориса Манашерова.
Талантливый ли он человек?
Глупый вопрос.
Он не просто талантлив. Он понимающий. Себя. И вас. Тех, кто будет пользоваться его ножами.
Перспективный ли он дизайнер?
Тоже глупый вопрос.
Он не просто перспективный. Он совершенствующийся и "растущий".

Что легко отследить по проектам от выставки к выставке.

Сейчас приглашаю вас заглянуть на стенд Böker, чтобы посмотреть какие работы совместно с Борисом они представили на суд зрителей в 2018 году.

Boris Manasherov
Boris Manasherov is an engineer by education and profession and he has always been deeply passionate about knives and martial arts. Having started training in the Israeli martial art of Krav Magà in 1973, in 1985 he became an instructor of Israeli special forces and covered such role for many years. Over the years he has learned other Martial Arts techniques such as Jujutsu and Arnis/Silat.
His experience as martial artist led him to develop a unique style of knifemaking: he started making knives guided by his father in 1976 and his designs are always inspired both by engineering principles and by military combat doctrines. In 2005 he was certified Master Gunsmith.
The designs by Boris Manasherov testify to its versatile background.
His designs are always highly practical and adapted to the requirements of modern knives.

Masada  ( fixed and folder)


Masada Fixed
Fans of fixed knives will also be pleased by Boris Manasherov.
The Boker Plus Masada Fixed can handle everyday life as well as tactical tasks and offers Manasherov's usual perfectly ergonomic design. The massive full tang knife is made of D2. Unlike the folding versions, this knife has a Persian-style blade that combines sturdiness and versatility. The butt is shaped as a striker with integrated lanyard hole.
The Masada Fixed comes with a Kydex sheath with belt adapter for many carry options.
G10 handle scales. Blade with a stonewash finish.
Total Length: 24,6
Blade Length: 11,7
Blade Thickness: 4,0
Weight: 201,0 g
Blade Material: D2
Handle Material: G10
Lock: Fixed
Color: Black
Availability: Available 06/04/2018
Price €99.95

Masada Folder

The Boker Plus Masada is certainly no exception, since its flowing lines and handle shape merge perfect ergonomics with am extremely dynamic look. The slightly harpoon-shaped D2 blade has ball bearings and opens with a flipper. Contoured G10 scales and solid steel plates in combination with the spacer integrating a striker and the lanyard hole create a sturdy handle with a secure grip. The recurve grind maximizes effectiveness, especially with pulled cuts. Blade with a stonewash finish. With a clip (tip-up).

Total Length: 22,5
Blade Length: 9,3
Blade Thickness: 3,5
Weight: 165,0 g
Blade Material: D2
Handle Material: G10
Lock: Linerlock
Opener: Flipper
Color: Black
Availability: Available
Price €89.95


The Boker Plus Defender by Boris Manasherov offers balanced dimensions with an 8.3 cm blade, creating a knife that is big enough for most applications while still being compact enough to be carried every day.
The clip-point blade with ball bearings and a stonewash finish is made from D2 and opened with the flipper. Black G10 and solid steel plates ensure the best possible grip and safe handling. Handle with striker and lanyard hole. With a deep carry clip for a deep pocket position.
Total Length: 19,2
Blade Length: 8,1
Blade Thickness: 3,5
Weight: 131,0 g
Blade Material: D2
Handle Material: G10
Lock: Linerlock
Opener: Flipper
Color: Black
Availability: Available
Price €79.95

Tactical Caracal

The popular and solid Boker Plus Caracal Folder is doubtlessly an excellent choice as a tactical knife and now available with black hardware and handle scales in coyote. The great features remained the same: The D2 blade with ball bearings opens fast and smoothly, while the solid linerlock secures the blade. The handle also has a striker with integrated lanyard hole.
Total Length: 21,3
Blade Length: rosewood
Blade Thickness: 3,5
Weight: 162,0 g
Blade Material: D2
Handle Material: G10
Lock: Linerlock
Opener: Flipper
Color: Brown
Availability: Available 23/03/2018
Price €89.95

to be continued....

( и, хочу отметить, что Борис всегда с интересом изучает мнение людей, читая все комментарии.
это очень важный пункт. потому, если вам есть что сказать - говорите. он ответит, уверена :) )

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