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Shot Show 2018. Medford Knife and Tool.

К Грегу на стенд Medford Knife and Tool просто нельзя не зайти :)

Не первый год он участвует со своей продукцией на Shot Show в Лас-Вегасе.

Его ножи можно узнать с закрытими глазами :) Тактильно. Внезапно, в 2018-ом появились новинки с меньшей, чем всегда, толщиной. Да и ценник на некоторых радует.

Посмотрим и на стенд и на новинки.

Кстати, один из новых ножей Грег снял со своего кармана, показывая мне все новинки 2018 года :)

На стенде был и уже знакомый многим, харизматичный  USMC EOD™ :)
MODEL: MK074  $500.00
Our USMC EOD-1 design is in its 1st production run for the United States Marines. This ground breaking design was developed in collaboration with current USMC EOD Technicians out of 29 Palms. From the blunted probing end to the side hammer pommel to the carabiner hole for wire pulling, you will find this design sets a new standard for multi-use functionality.

И много других известных ножей.

Но мы смотрим больше новинки. Для наглядности - в руках:

Slim Midi
MODEL: MK201   $500.00
Sporting a .125” thick S35VN blade and 1/8” thick Ti handle & spring, proving to be one of our most pocket friendly EDC knives. Being known for making knives that are more for tactical, adventure and military use, knives such as these open up a whole new market segment for us – the business class. These are customers who want to carry a Medford in their dress slacks, lingerie, holster or a purse, but when deployed at almost 8” have the Medford familiarity. These are true EDC knives that don’t “get in the way.”

Total Length: 7.9″
Blade Length: 3 1/4″
Blade Thickness: .125″
Blade Width: 1.3″
Scale Thickness: 1/8″
Total Thickness: 1/4″
Closed Length: 4 3/8″

Smooth Criminal™
MODEL: MK039  $290.00
Smooth Criminal™…our first aluminum chassis, hard-anodized, button lock knife with a S35VN blade retailing for under $300; a game-changing price point for us. All of this, while still upholding our high standards: 100% American made with all the Medford Knife & Tool attributes you’ve come to expect.

Total length – 7.0
Blade length – 3.0
Blade thickness – .15
Blade width – 1.2
Scale thickness – .187
Total thickness – .54
Closed length – 4.0
Weight – 5oz

Medford USMC Ka-Bar USMC Knife.
G10 handles and a drop point, S35VN steel blade.

USMC Fighter™: A modern, enhanced version of a classic. This fixed blade sports a .250” thick S35VN PVD blade, measures near 12” in total length, has 3-D surfaced multi-colored G-10 scales, a 2-piece interlocking Ti PVD hilt and solid Ti PVD pommel. This unique full tang design has all the upside of a classic hidden-tang “slide-over” hilt construction with none of the compromises in strength…as you’d expect, a Medford through and through. With a custom brown leather sheath, a true 21st century fighting knife.

Total length: 11.63in
Blade length: 6.5in
Width: 1.5in
Thickness: .250in
Weight: 1.3#

FS Commando MODEL: MK101   $600.00
USMC, Army, or Seals
Total length: 12.18in
Blade length: 7.125in
Width: .917in
Thickness: .25in
Weight: 8oz

to be continued.

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