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Shot Show 2018. Fenixlight Limited.

Вчера мы смотрели на ножи от этого бренда, сегодня ознакомимся с их основной продукцией и новинками 2018 года.

В качестве отступления хочу отметить, что как ни странно, сама я пользуюсь LedLenser,  Olight, Nite Ize и даже Nitecore, но до Fenix как-то не дошла.

Тем не менее, в пресс-центрах всегда слышу лестные отзывы от коллег о продукции Fenix и постоянно получаю от компании приглашения и релизы. Да и знаю многих реальных пользователей их продукции.

Потому стенд Fenixlight Limited входит в список обязательных к посещению :)

Теперь посмотрим.

Стенд Fenixlight Limited в Лас-Вегасе:

For the Shot Show 2018 Fenix has prepared brand new products for fans of military and hunting.
First, high-performance smart rechargeable flashlights - TK72R and UC52
The Fenix TK72R is a portable high performance flashlight - a brilliant aid for night outdoor searching and rescuing and industrial tasks, as well as a backup lighting tool for your self-driving journeys. Featuring OLED display with advanced intelligent circuit design that clearly shows the current lumens, remaining battery level and runtime, meaning you can plan and prepare for your nighttime outdoor journeys and activities well in advance. The TK72R will illuminate the road and guarantee your safety outdoors.
The TK72R is fitted with 3 CREE LED’s, delivering 9000 lumens of output and a beam distance of 286 meters. Considering the user interface, the TK72R is fitted with user-friendly 3 switch configuration: On/Off, and “+” and “-” for stepless light regulation to control the runtime and output selection. This versatile light caters for multiple output level demands.
Furthermore, the TK72R features a charging and discharging function with built-in 7.4V/7000mAh, which allows the use of this flashlight as a standby power bank for almost any digital devices.

Compared with the TK72R, the integrated die-cast UC52 is more compact. The UC52 is a micro USB rechargeable flashlight with super high performance. It is fitted with a Cree XHP70 LED, which delivers a max output of 3100 lumens and a max distance of 253 meters. An OLED screen digitally displays current output level, battery status and remaining runtime, allowing users to be prepared for their outdoor plans. With a built-in 7.2V/3500mAh Li-ion battery pack, dual side switches that separately controls five output levels and flash mode, integrated die-casting for excellent heat dissipation, and IP68 rated protection, the UC52 is your reliable helper in climbing, hiking, camping and more.

Another type of flashlight is the upgraded versions of the typical flashlights, which is always welcomed by fans and users, such as: TK75, TK35, TK35UE and PD35. The spirit of innovation, and the attitude of the pursuit of perfection, are embodied in these upgrade products.
TK75 2018
The TK75 is a rechargeable flashlight with an astonishing combined output of 5100 lumens maximum and 850m maximum beam distance. The innovative rechargeable battery holder comes with a micro USB port, powered by 4 18650 batteries. Fitted with 4 Cree XHP35 HI LED, the TK75 flashlight goes the distance in power and versatility, to satisfy various lighting demands such as searching, securing, caving and more. Dual stainless steel switches offer user-friendly output selection of 6 brightness levels and 2 flash modes. The lockout function prevents inadvertent activation of the flashlight. Additionally, a built-in socket for either attaching a shoulder strap for carrying or for tripod mounting, makes the TK75 even more advantageous and reliable when searching, securing, caving or as standby lighting for cars.


TK35UE 2018
The TK35UE 2018 is a rechargeable high-performance flashlight. Fitted with a CREE XHP70 LED, it delivers a max output of 3200 lumens and a far-reaching distance of 300 meters. The innovative toggle switch allows free and rapid switching between tactical, outdoor and lockout modes. Powered by two 18650 batteries, the battery holder features a micro USB charging function. It has five output levels, plus momentary-on strobe and SOS modes, while battery level indication is fitted as well. The parallel battery compartment design, flat body and unique dual tail switches, make the TK35 UE 2018 very suitable for military, policing, outdoor exploring, camping, searching and caving.

TK35 2018
TK35 2018 is rechargeable portable flashlight with far-reaching beam distance. It is fitted with CREE XHP35 HI neutral white LED, which emits a max output of 1300 lumens, and a max beam distance of 480 meters. Powered by two 18650 batteries, the battery holder features micro USB charging function. It has five output levels, plus momentary on strobe and SOS modes, and battery level indication features as well. The parallel battery compartment design, flat body and unique dual tail switches, make the TK35 very suitable for outdoor exploring, camping, searching and caving.

PD35 V2.0
PD35 V2.0 is a handy and delicate flashlight. Fitted with Cree XP-L HI V3 LED, it delivers a max output of 1000 lumens and a far-reaching distance of 250 meters. This compact but tough flashlight features five output levels plus instant strobe. Battery level indication is fitted as well. Although normally powered by one 18650 rechargeable Li-ion battery, it is also compatible with cold-resistant CR123A battery. The dual switch design (tactical tail switch and metal side switch) offers rapid and user-friendly operation. All these highlights make PD35 V2.0 very suitable for military policing, outdoor exploring, daily lighting and even more.

И, пожалуй, любимое моё направление у них :
ECO series headlamps

Каталог 2018:

to be continued.

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