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Shot Show 2018. RUIKE knives.

RUIKE knives, разумеется, были на стенде Fenix. О Фонарях мы поговорим отдельно. Сегодня о ножах.

Уже несколько лет подряд бренд Fenix представляет свои ножи под брендом RUIKE.

Новинок на каждой из выставок много. Все они по очень доступным ценам и на любой вкус: фикседы, фолдеры, мультитулы.

Сейчас посмотрим на ножи, которые понравились мне, а на IWA 2018 продолжим :)

Crafted almost exclusively of Stainless Steel, this simple yet elegant knife is of utmost quality. The neatly stonewashed metallic body is complimented by little details making this an exquisite EDC pocket knife. The frame lock is additionally enhanced by a “Beta Plus” lock which is more reliable and secure in preventing accidental blade closure.
P108-SF is the steel color version;
P108-SB is the black color version.

P108, BetaPlus safety lock
Overall length: 210 mm / 8.27"
Closed legnth: 120 mm / 4.72"
Blade length: 88 mm / 3.46"
Blade thickness: 3.1 mm / 0.12"
Weight: 118 g / 4.16 oz
Blade material: 14C28N stainless steel

(Sandvik 14C28N Stainless Steel, Cryogenic Treatment
Sandvik 14C28N is a martensitic stainless chromium steel with a chemistry optimized for high quality professional knife applications which put very high demands on edge sharpness, edge stability and corrosion resistance. As to this knife, the 14C28N is intensively processed by RUIKE using quenching and cryogenic treatment, which features an ideal hardness of 58~60 HRC.)
Handle material: 3Cr14N stainless steel

(3Cr14N Stainless Steel Handle, Stonewashed
The 3Cr14N stainless steel features high standard in toughness, abrasive resistance and corrosion resistance. In addition, the stainless steel handle is stonewashed, allowing authentically fine and comfortable sense of touch.)
Opening: Flipper
Locking: Frame lock + "Beta Plus" lock

("Beta Plus" Lock
(Deploying the blade and pushing the "Beta Plus" lock up can transform your pocket-size folding knife into an fixed-blade knife to handle more harsh conditions.)


На сайте можно увидеть полный ассортимент: http://www.ruikeknives.com

А это картинки из Каталога на 2018 год. Впрочем, не сомневаюсь, что в Атланту они привезут новый. Посмотрим.

продолжение следует...


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