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Nataliya Grebenschikova

Shot Show 2018. Heckler & Koch.

На стенде Heckler & Koch было оживлённо. Руки так и тянулись к P30, MP5 и не только :)

Что сказать... Команда бренда совершенствуется и развивается.

New models of Heckler & Koch’s VP striker fired pistol have been added to the company line-up for SHOT Show 2018. Crimson Trace Laserguard weapon sights especially contoured to fit all VP models are now available. Also added, are Flat Dark Earth, Grey, and NATO Green color frame models of the VP9SK subcompact.
The highly regarded Crimson Trace laser aimers attach to the trigger guard of all VP models, matching the profile of the pistol and feature Crimson Trace’s instinctive front activation button. The laser can be installed in minutes and is adjustable for windage and elevation. Both red and green laser models are available.
“Adding Crimson Trace models to the VP series is a landmark of sorts for us. It means the HK VP is now firmly established as one of the dominant handguns in today’s market. said Bill Dermody, Heckler & Koch’s marketing director. “Crimson Trace is a recognized market leader for compact laser sights and their involvement with the HK line means another high quality accessory is accessible to VP shooters. It’s another example of our commitment to customer driven product improvements.”
The color frame additions to the VP9SK subcompact model are a natural development as these sought-after colors (Flat Dark Earth, Grey, and NATO Green) are popular and already available on the standard VP models. HK color frames cannot fade or chip and are unaffected by chemicals, sun, and exposure to the elements.
All VP models are made in HK’s Oberndorf factory in southwest Germany using all of the company’s advanced technologies for barrel manufacturing, as well as production of the machined steel slide, polymer frame, and all internal components. HK VP pistols are competitively priced and covered by Heckler & Koch’s lifetime warranty.(с)

Вернее, HK433 образца 2018 года. И это ещё не предел ибо:
"This particular model shown at the show was revealed by a rep to be a 4th iteration prototype, and we were told that it’s expected that several more prototype iterations will be made before the design is finalized." (с)

Много акцентов делается даже не на 2019, а на 2020. Так понимаю, речь идёт о новых огромных Контрактах.
Но, и в 2018 году было что увидеть на стенде компании.
( правда, Heckler & Koch USA. посмотрим ещё и на IWA...)

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  • ;)

    Не переписывать же всё из-за одной буквы, в самом деле)

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    Так можно было

  • Jesper

    Есть в нашем ножевом мире дизайнеры, которых можно отнести к категории тех, кто создает изысканные образцы моделей ножей для ежедневного…

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