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Spyderco, Advocate, pivot and Native 5.

By the way, about engineering of the Advocate’s pivot design. And more.

В общем, об улучшениях от наших Спайдеров :)

"One of the core principles of Spyderco’s approach to business is Constant Quality Improvement, or C.Q.I. In simple terms, C.Q.I. is our dedication to always making everything we do better. Whether it’s design, materials, engineering, or business practices, we never stop looking for ways to improve.
Two of the most recent examples of this principle are the Gayle Bradley-designed Advocate™ and the Native® 5 with G-10 scales.
As some of you may know, in 2017 there was some concern regarding the engineering of the Advocate’s pivot design. We monitored this issue very closely and tracked every Advocate knife returned for warranty evaluation. Although only a handful of Advocates were actually affected, we embraced the opportunity to make this remarkable design even better. We are now proud to announce that all Advocate knives in current production feature an improved pivot construction with thicker steel washers and larger ball bearings seated in a phosphor bronze housing. This enhanced version of the Advocate is in stock now and ready to ship.

Spyderco’s revolutionary 40th Anniversary Native 5 was not only a groundbreaking manufacturing accomplishment; it also allowed us to discover the weight-saving advantages of linerless handle construction. Instead of the skeletonized full stainless steel liners of the original Native 5, we incorporated four sets of threaded inserts in the handle scales to support the knife’s four-position clip. We and our customers liked this feature so much we decided to incorporate it into our standard G-10-handled expression of the Native 5 (C41GP5). This brilliantly simple change reduces the knife’s weight by almost 20 percent (from 3.7 ounces to 3.0 ounces) and makes this popular cutting tool even more pocket friendly.

Please note that both of these improvements are what we refer to as “in-line” changes—modifications in the production methodology of one specific model. All other features of the model—including its SKU—remain the same and the transition to the new version is virtually seamless.
As the Greek philosopher Heraclitus said, “Life is flux,” or as it is often expressed, “The only constant is change.” At Spyderco, thanks to C.Q.I., we always strive to make that change for the better."


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Feb. 3rd, 2018 10:34 am (UTC)
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