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Shot Show 2017. Outdoor Edge Cutlery Corp.

Сложно найти более позитивных товарищей, нежели представили этой компании :)

Как сделают что-то, улыбка на улице сразу :) Новинка, смотрим :

[Spoiler (click to open)]
This innovative new knife that you wear on your wrist was developed by retired bounty hunter Fugi Escobido and Outdoor Edge’s David Bloch. Features a 1.5” BlackStone finished 8Cr13MoV hawksbill blade, integral glass/nylon guard and 550 Paracord handle. The blade locks securely and deploys instantly in any situation. $29.95 MSRP.

Правда, это не все их новинки)) Вот пока еще одна:

Outdoor Edge has teamed up with professional knife thrower Bobby Branton to offer the Aero-Strike 3-piece throwing knife set. This precisely balanced trio of Tanto, Bowie and Spear-Point blades are equally weighted to throw and fly uniformly. The 10.5” blades are crafted from 420J2 stainless steel with a durable Blackstone coating. Holes in the tang allow the handles to be wrapped in Paracord to create a 3-knife survival set. The Aero-Strike throwers come complete with a nylon belt sheath. $59.95 MSRP

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